Watching a Swift Programming Tutorial

Swift programmer makes huge mistake

Hey Polymathers!

So, besides having to push this post back a week because a couple of people asked me for help last weekend and I couldn’t say no, I made a huge mistake when I eventually did get around to watching the tutorial.

Take a guess at what happened.

*Spoiler alert*

I watched the wrong damn video. I know, who even does that? I couldn’t get over my embarrassment when I realised.

The video I intended to watch was this one:

HOWEVER. Thanks to me putting the wrong video in my Watch Later list on YouTube, the video I ended up watching was this one, up until the intro to the Swift language:

Yes. This is even though I mentioned I didn’t want to get stuck in iOS instead of macOS. Trust me, I feel very stupid even admitting this happened.

But all is not lost, because the second video was actually super helpful in introducing me to Xcode – the software that uses Swift programming and where I’ll be creating my app. Arguably, this is a blessing in disguise because I will have had to find my way around Xcode anyway – it makes sense to learn how to use the software before I get into the language.

Luckily, the video I watched also has an intro to Swift (which I didn’t have time to watch yet) but I also took up the Swift intro programming course on Mimo to help introduce myself to the language enough to make this post.

To take notes during this video, I used a mind-mapping online tool called MindMeister. The link I included will take you my live Mind Map! There are a lot of notes so I would suggest taking a look and going through each section. In essence, it covers:

  • Xcode basics

  • Layout and Autolayout

  • User Interface

  • Swift basics

Four very important aspects of getting to grips with the practicalities of building an app. To give you an idea, if you don’t feel like clicking the link to the Mind Map just yet – this is what it looks like:

After watching the video, I do feel a lot more confident and excited about going into Xcode and giving it all a try myself.

In fact, next week I’m going to put my newfound knowledge to the test to build a super basic text editor app to get my hands dirty. For that, I think I will try to get some screen recording software so that I can show you the app in action (since I definitely won’t be publishing it for public use).

Stay tuned and let me know if you’d prefer to watch a video (with some explainer text of course) or if you’d prefer I just include screenshots!

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