The Awesome Bible of Swift Programming for Beginners

Author holding the Swift Programming Language book

Hey, Polymathers!

Another week has gone by and I hope yours has been exactly how you’d hoped it would be last week!

For me, my home country Wales entered another national ‘lockdown’ to help stop the rising number of Covid infections. In theory, that would have meant more time to work on my project, right?

No dice, I’m afraid. One of my clients (I’m also a freelance B2B SaaS writer, who knew?) asked me to write three pieces of content for him in one week. Therefore, I was rather busy. However, I have spent a little time going through what I believe is a great resource for this project.

This book, released by none other than Apple themselves:

How the Swift Programming Language book has helped

So far, this book has really helped me to contextualise some of the parts of the code I didn’t fully understand in my text editor app exercise. And I’m only about 50 pages in.

The first part, ‘A Swift Tour’, was a little confusing because I believe it’s meant as a sort of brief reference guide to those who already have some background knowledge or has learned previous versions of Swift. Remember that MindMap I did back in Week 1? The basic knowledge in there sure came in handy to get through the first part.

The more useful-for-beginner information actually starts in the ‘Language Guide’ section. That’s where it starts to expand on the different tools in the language; why they are written the way they are, how they function, some example code for context, and sometimes how they function in a wider context too.

It’s quite a large book, sitting at 725 pages. But even just the short amount I’ve read so far has been super helpful. For example, before getting into this book, I had no idea what these lines of code in my project did:

But now I understand that `throws ->` is meant as a way of dealing with errors and what to return in the event of one.

I can imagine that by the time I get to finishing the language guide section I’ll certainly be able to go back through the code on my text editor and properly figure out the problems that wouldn’t allow me to open saved files.


That’s it for this week! I’m going to be flipping my way through this book whenever I can though it’s going to be difficult. Next week I’m taking a week off from client work and putting intense focus on getting some actual writing done for my PhD (which is in marketing, in case you were curious).

Next, I’ll be working on the design aspect of the app, what I want it to look like and what functions I want it to have. This will probably be the most fun part of the whole project for me as I love coming up with wishlists.

Until then, enjoy your week! If you’re enjoying my journey of zero to Swift hero then please consider subscribing so you don’t miss any updates!

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