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Welcome to my project to learn swift programming! 

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As someone that comes from a musical background, I often think that there’s a sort of similarity between learning music notation to code and programming in Swift. Both require the reader/writer to understand various symbols and expressions as well as the way they interact with each other to get the desired result. Granted, music notation allows for a fair bit of creativity and rule-breaking – something programming doesn’t really allow, as far as I can tell. 

But it’s exactly this rigidity to specific rules that appeals to the more analytic side of my brain (right brain?). 

At first, I thought about learning Python, but I quickly realised it would be a lot harder to get a practical project going from the get-go compared to Swift. There are two main reasons for the switch:

  1. Being a Macbook Pro user (7 years old, still going strong), I could get started playing around with programming right away in Xcode. I wouldn’t need to buy any new hardware or software, for a cash strapped PhD student like me, that’s important.
  2. Swift was literally designed to be beginner-friendly and there are a ton of free resources available to help you along the way.   

To keep in with the practical nature behind the Ultralearning philosophy, I created a learning plan for myself all leading up towards a MacOS app build. Here’s the timeline of what I’ve got so far below: 

Setting out the plan

In the first week I set out my learning plan for this project, while I think the content is good I've learned that the dates will need to be flexible.

Read More Oct 05, 2020

Watch a beginner's tutorial

Here I watch through a long beginner's tutorial to get a grips of the background and practical knowledge to enable me to start playing around in Xcode.

Read More Oct 17, 2020

Head first into my first app build

This week I put the peddle to the meddle and go stuck into some programming by following along with a tutorial.

Read More Oct 24, 2020

Deepening the knowledge

The previous week taught me precisely how much I DIDN'T know. This week, I picked up the learn Swift bible.

Read More Oct 31, 2020

Design non-basic app features

In this week I plan to conceptualise the actual features of my writing app and see if I can figure out what the code would look like. 

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