Creating the Beginners Swift Learning Plan

Illustration of awkward author learning Swift

Hey, Polymathers! I know, I know… It’s Monday and I said I’d publish on weekends. I’m already off on a bad foot, sorry about that. I decided that I would spend Sunday’s having a no-tech day (since I spend an awful lot of time staring at screens these days).

It felt great. But I did feel guilty when I realised I wouldn’t be writing this newsletter for you in time. As a result, I’m pretty much going to dedicate my Saturdays to this project. I’ll spend Saturday mornings doing my learning and reporting what I learn in the afternoons (that’s a good plan, right?).

I’m counting this week as week 0 in my overall learning project, as it’s going to be an explainer week for my learning plan.

After looking around on good ol’ Google, I’ve devised a learning plan of 10 weeks, zero to hero in custom building my PhD writing app. Take a look here:

Learn Swift as a beginner

You’ll notice most of this plan is of a practical nature. That’s because I’m quite prone to procrastination if I decide it’s okay to spend more time passively learning than doing. This way, I’m holding myself accountable to actually writing code.

Now, this is a plan as I head into the project. However, as we all know, sometimes things don’t always go the way we want. I might run into some heavy issues in the two weeks of coding those non-basic features or I might have a family emergency. In any case, I’m sure I’ll be able to wrangle some support from somewhere.

I’ll be reporting my progress each week as well as sharing insights and problems. For example, when figuring out this plan I realised the majority of the information out there is for programming iOS apps (as opposed to macOS). I’m hoping I don’t end up down an iOS rabbit hole during this process.

If you’re curious, this is the tutorial I’m going to be watching on Saturday, if you want to watch it as well. But of course, I will make notes and present what I’ve learned for you if you don’t fancy the almost 3 and a half-hour watch.

I hope you have fun on this journey with me! If you haven’t already, consider subscribing so you don’t miss out on the fun!

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