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I am a PhD student in business and freelance writer. is my side project where I learn new knowledge and skills on my journey towards becoming a polymath.

Author holding the Swift Programming Language book

The Awesome Bible of Swift Programming for Beginners

Another week has gone by and I hope yours has been exactly how you’d hoped it would be last week! For me, my home country Wales entered another national ‘lockdown’ to help stop the rising number of Covid infections. In theory, that would have meant more time to work on my project, right?

Image of author learning swift on macbook pro

How to Learn Swift from Scratch: Initial Hurdles

So as I mentioned last week, this weekend I put myself to the task of creating a basic Text Editor app. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be, despite the ‘basic’ idea.

Swift programmer makes huge mistake

Watching a Swift Programming Tutorial

Hey Polymathers!

So, besides having to push this post back a week because a couple of people asked me for help last weekend and I couldn’t say no, I made a huge mistake when I eventually did get around to watching the tutorial.

Take a guess at what happened.

Illustration of awkward author learning Swift

Creating the Beginners Swift Learning Plan

Hey, Polymather’s! I know, I know… It’s Monday and I said I’d publish on weekends. I’m already off on a bad foot, sorry about that. I decided that I would spend Sunday’s having a no-tech day (since I spend an awful lot of time staring at screens these days).