About me.

Hey. I’m Alex. At the time of writing, I’m a 20-something-year-old PhD student in business and a freelance writer. 

That’s me over there giving a talk about my Master’s thesis at an academic conference →

When I was growing up, I was fascinated by so many things that whenever someone asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, the answer changed pretty much every time. Dinosaur-hunter (archaeologist) was one of many professions I considered. 

As I got older I realised I had a passion for both science and music but according to my school’s rules, I had to choose between the two. So began my journey as a musician.

I studied music for my undergraduate degree and by the time I finished, I’d kinda fallen out of love with the industry. I always found myself asking “what if?”. 

Me giving a talk at an academic conference

What is Polymathing?

The phrase “finding your passion” never sat right with me because guess what? I have lots of passions! Why should I restrict myself to just one thing?

I set up Polymathing because I was fed up with the notion that in order to have a fulfilling life, you HAVE to specialise in one thing forever. After reading the book “What Do I Do If I Want To Do Everything?” by Barbara Sher, I realised I wasn’t alone in that thinking. Another resource that has encouraged me to publically document my learning projects is Scott Young’s book and blog about “Ultralearning”. A lot of the strategies in the book and the philosophy behind it is what forms as the backbone to my learning projects today. 

The term ‘polymathing’ itself isn’t a real word in a dictionary sense, I decided to create a verb form of the noun ‘polymath’ which is, according to google

  1. a person of wide knowledge or learning.
    “a Renaissance polymath”


Creating a verb form emphasises the learning part of the journey. It implies action. A huge part of what makes a learning project successful is using the skill or knowledge in a practical way, not just passively reading about the subject.

So in on polymathing.dev you’ll find the various documented projects to acquiring new skills and knowledge on the journey to gaining ‘polymath’ status.